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Celebrating the Holidays in 2020

Dec 3, 2020 | News

A safe way to commemorate the holidays.

For many, this holiday season will be celebrated very differently than previous years. A lot of us experienced a really tough year due to COVID-19. And for this reason, we should bring as much holiday cheer into each other’s lives. We could all use a refreshing celebration and this year gives us an opportunity to try something new and creative. Although this holiday season might be a little unique, there are still plenty of ways to share holiday cheer and celebrate safely. Living in the digital age has its perks during a time like this. We might not be able to get together in person, but we can online. Here are a few ways and ideas to include those who are in senior care facilities, those who live independently, socially distanced activities, and gift ideas. We can all have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday!

For those who are unable to visit their loved one who lives in a senior care facilities:
  • drop off Christmas cookies or a warm holiday meal
  • send Christmas decorations for them to put around their room
  • make holiday posters for your loved ones to see from their window
  • have the little ones decorate holiday sweatshirts
  • send holiday cards and letters
  • gift them with comfy blankets, robes, and slippers
For those who are able to get together:
  • Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  • Have a tree decorating party
  • Have a cookie exchange or recipe exchange; you can even leave cookies at their doorstep
  • Make homemade ornaments together
  • Have a conversation about their favorite Christmas memories and create a journal for them
Socially distanced activities:
  • Paint a holiday painting en plein air; painting outside
  • Play board games through video chats or charades
  • Have a distanced ugly sweater contest; you can post the pictures online and put it to a vote
  • Make holiday face masks for each other
  • No contact caroling; go around the neighborhood and sing from afar for your friends

Let’s enjoy this festive time of year safely


Here are some gift options to make life a little easier for seniors:

  • The Grandpad

This is a tablet that includes a monthly subscription plan for you to share pictures, video call, and message your loved ones. This product is designed specifically for seniors and ready to use right out of the box. It also has capability to play games and music. Family members simply need to download the designated app to easily connect with the Grandpad.

  • Facebook Portal or Alexa Echo devices

These might be a little advanced for some seniors. But they include options for sharing photos, video calls, voice messages, playing music, and sharing pictures. Your loved one might need help setting up these devices, but they are easy to learn. There are a few other fun features.

  • ViewClix

This is a smart picture frame that allows you to upload photos instantly. This device is set up to receive pictures from friends and family and create a slideshow to view. You are also able to video call with auto-answer, so your loved one doesn’t have to get up to answer the call. You can do all the controlling of this device and simply let the owner enjoy its perks.

  • Kindle or E-reader

A reading tablet can give you thousands of books at your fingertips. Most are able to adjust the size of the text so they don’t strain their eyes. The brightness is also adjustable and some have capability to read the text aloud.

  • Electric can or jar opener

An electric can or jar opener can make an everyday task so much easier. These are a lifesaver for those who suffer from arthritis. These gadgets can remove the lid to a jar or can in just seconds. Most can be found at stores like Walmart or Target. There’s an array to choose from online.

  • Robot Vacuum

This handy device makes vacuuming effortless. A robot vacuum can vacuum the floor with just a press of a button while you just go about your day. Some have the option to schedule a cleaning at a certain time every day. There are so many brands and choices to make when it comes to this product. They have one for every budget. There are a few that even mop the floor as well.

There is always a way to celebrate with loved ones. We don’t need to be together physically to connect with one another. This can be the year to create new traditions. A simple act of kindness could make someone’s holiday memorable. Have a fun and safe celebration!

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